The Growth in Odd Lot Trading

Institutional 606 – Opening a Window on Execution

M-ELO Take 2

Boost Liquidity Capture with Dynamic Liquidity Awareness

Transparency, Conflicts & Best Ex: Where Do We Go From Here?

Observations After a Halt

A Word from Our Founders

Sometimes You Trade Slow Sometimes You Trade Quick

Data, Data Everywhere: Takeaways from International Trader Forum

It's the Season of Equity Market Microstructure

Rebalancing Takes the Right Rebalancing Act

Clearpool’s Summer Symposium Reveals Latest Buy and Sell Side Dynamics

Clearpool Awarded Best Algorithmic Trading Provider

The Moment You Know Nothing

Clearpool Recognized by Markets Media as Best Algorithmic Trading Company

Knowing is Half the Battle

Five Keys to Becoming a Top ‘Execution Consultant’

Are We All Insane?

Antiquated Rule Can Result in Inferior Execution Quality

“You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure”

What We Can Learn From the Tick Size Pilot: Clearpool's Year in Review

M-ELO Shows Signs of Better Quote Stability Than Other Nasdaq Passive Order Types

Clearpool Helps Close the Gender Gap in Computer Science with Girls Who Code

Clear Perspective - Choosing the Appropriate Incentive to Trade Matters

Venue Analysis Is More Than TCA

Competitive Coding Spurs Creativity During Clearpool’s Development Team Hackathon

2018 Viewpoints on Market Microstructure from Clearpool's Founders

Access the NYSE Trading Floor with Clearpool

An Opportunity to Attract On-Exchange Block Liquidity

Collaboration and Best Execution

Open the Close

When Algorithms Adapt to Microstructure without Bias - Good Things Can Happen

Complacency is Not the Answer. Stay Vigilant.

New Year. New Brand. New Voice.

Capture the Order Flow

Clearpool Gives Voice to Sell Side Broker Dealers Regarding Access and Connectivity Fees

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