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Your knowledge, our power.

Better together.

Holistic trading technology powered by Clearpool puts you in control of your algorithmic trading.

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The Clearpool Advantage

Leverage the power of Clearpool’s Algorithmic Management System and Venue Analysis and add your trading expertise to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Differentiate From The Competition

The powerful combination of man + machine empowers brokers to deliver market color in real time, to make informed optimizations to algorithms with historical data to back it up, and to ultimately deliver better quality executions for the buy side.

  • Helps the buy side and sell side engage to create custom strategies based on specific trading goal

  • Allows you to monitor and adjust routing protocols in real-time using its Algorithmic Management System

  • Provides historical venue data to allow you to analyze and optimize routing protocols with confidence, plus measure your performance versus anonymized peer data

See how Clearpool can power your trading and empower you to differentiate.